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    Citizens of Ontario

    Application Status: OPEN

    Apply Now - Maple Leaf Roleplay

  • Who We Are

    The members within the Citizens of Ontario are dedicated to providing realistic and thought out out role play.  Whilst anyone in the community can roleplay as a civilian, these members routinely go in depth with their character creations, creating realistic and engaging backstories & scenarios.  The Civilian department itself whilst being home to these members, also sets the policies and guidelines that all members must follow when roleplaying as a civilian.  These policies and guidelines can include such things as limitations on vehicles/weapons, call guides and any restrictions on calls vs a members current rank.

  • Our RP Opportunities

    Ontario Public Works - @T. Barber

    Gangs (Lost MC, Scorpions)

    24/7 Supermarket

    Taxi Drivers

    Create Your Own! Join Today

  • Our Leadership

    Operational Support Director - @P. Crooks

    Civilian Director - Vacant

    Civilian Manager - Vacant

    Civilian Supervisor - @C. Scott