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  • OPP Mission

    The Ontario Provincial Police is dedicated to delivering police services, in partnership with our shared community, to keep Ontario the best and safest place to be.  We are proud to serve all residents and visitors within our great province and we will strive to accomplish this mission by setting attainable goals and objectives for our police service.  Our mission is to improve and maintain the quality of life the province enjoys, to ensure that our province is a safe place to live, work and visit and to achieve excellence within our profession.  Our values are our core principles and beliefs, they guide the services members in support of our mission and help us all achieve our goals and objectives. These values are:

    • Interacting with RESPECT, COMPASSION and FAIRNESS
    • Leading with INTEGRITY, HONESTY and COURAGE
  • Jurisdiction

    OPP members have jurisdiction throughout Ontario with the exception of the City of Ottawa (excluding the highways). However, much like OPS, OPP members have the ability to act as a peace officer throughout Ontario as per the Ontario Police Services Act and so can respond to mutual aid calls as required as well as act as a Peace Officer throughout the province. That being said, they do not routinely patrol within city limits (excluding the highways).

  • OPP Staff Team

    Policing Services Director D. Michael

    Inspector C. Richer

    Sergeant J. Torque

  • OPP Sub-Divisions

    Field Support Bureau

    Tactics & Rescue Unit

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