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  • Mission

    The Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) is committed to providing the utmost assistance in regards to public safety. As the City of Ottawa grows and adapts, the Ottawa Fire Service is dedicated to evolving with it, to make sure all citizens remain protected. The Ottawa Fire Services reaches out further then traditional fire suppression and paramedicine and extends into specialized areas such as hazardous material response, advanced technical rescue, critical care paramedicine, and much more. Once a member of the OFS, your learning never stops. Members of the Ottawa Fire Service have opportunities to complete many different certifications and courses in order to better deliver aid to those in need in our nation's capital.

  • Jurisdiction

    The Ottawa Fire service conducts all fire and rescue operations within the City of Ottawa and in the Rural Regions of Ottawa. The OFS also is tasked with responding to mutual aid calls to service from other varying agencies near the borders of Ottawa.

  • Staff Team

    Operational Support Director - M. Lang

    Division Chief - B. Putnam

    Captain - J. TIlley