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  • Within the department, there are numerous opportunities for our members to get involved in. Some of these include such things as joining a Subdivision, creating and running a scenario or becoming a Field Training Officer. Of course, there is also regular patrols to attend where members can take part in a variety of different scenarios. The environment in which our members patrol has many different areas of interest for both ourselves as well as those not so law abiding. Some of the most recent Incident Reports that have been submitted at the time of writing include an Assault on a Peace Officer, a road rage incident at the LTD on Grove Street and a male who fell on his knife whilst being aggressive towards members following a disturbance. On joining, members have the opportunity to drive any vehicle assigned to patrol regardless of rank and on acceptance into any of the subdivisions, gain access to more specialized vehicles. Patrol members also have access to our Bicycles and ATV/UTV's. These can be taken out at their discretion after speaking with a Supervisor.

  • The Ottawa Police Service within the Maple Leaf Role Playing Community is committed to serving the citizens of Ottawa and ensuring a high quality of life for all whilst working to make sure the communities within Ottawa are both safe and secure. We actively look to engage with the communities to understand their needs and to adapt our approach to policing to be one which focuses on the problems that matter.  We consider our values of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Compassion, Accountability & Respect in everything we do.  

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