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  • OPS Mission

    The Ottawa Police Service within the Maple Leaf Role Playing Community is committed to serving the citizens of Ottawa and ensuring a high quality of life for all whilst working to make sure the communities within Ottawa are both safe and secure. We actively look to engage with the communities to understand their needs and to adapt our approach to policing to be one which focuses on the problems that matter.  We consider our values of Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Compassion, Accountability & Respect in everything we do.  

  • Jurisdiction

    The OPS serves the City of Ottawa and has jurisdiction throughout the City. The City is split up into 3 different districts (West, Central & East).  The Ontario Provincial Police has jurisdiction of the highways within the City of Ottawa so OPS members do not routinely patrol there. However, the Ontario Police Services Act allows OPS members to act as Peace Officers throughout Ontario and therefore when requested, OPS members can respond to mutual aid calls as well as act as a peace officer outwith their usual jurisdiction.

  • OPS Staff Team

    Policing Services Director D. Michael

    Inspector J. Mart

    Sergeant S. Ranger

    Sergeant E. Evelyn

  • OPS Sub-Divisions

    Tactical Unit

    Investigations Unit

    Traffic Unit

    Canine Unit

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