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  4. I am a OPP Constable along with a Reserve Dispatcher within the Maple Leaf Community. Want to see my content live or edited? All my content is recorded over on twitch over at: FlamingSkullz54 - Twitch and from there I edit the video and upload it to my Youtube Channel: Flaming Skullz54 - YouTube
  5. I think I'll start this forum area off with the first post and shamelessly plug my twitch channel. I have recently started streaming patrols and would love to see you in chat or giving a view when you have time. I think it is beneficial to the whole community when we help each other and helping out by leaving my stream on in the background could get us farther and farther off the bottom of the stream list on twitch. I am hoping to create some fun content to get people interested in MLRP. Please drop a follow and check it out! NecroManserGaming - Twitch
  6. Looks cool, who took the photo?
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