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  • What is Public Relations?
    The Public Relations (PR) division of Maple Leaf Roleplay was established in 2020 to help to promote the community to a wider audience and support the retention of our existing playerbase. We do this by creating regular & consistent content, supporting our independent content creators, supporting Human Resources in recruitment initiatives and enhancing the experience of current members through events and social nights. With the support of our dedicated team, PR strives to continue to be an approachable division to all, ensuring that the number one priority of MLRP is the enjoyment and support of our new recruits and our existing members.

  • Mission Statement
    "To promote Maple Leaf Roleplay to prospective applicants in the interest of assisting with recruitment, support and retention of community membership by creating insightful, gripping content on a regular basis."

  • Division Application Status
    Contact a Team Leader or PR Command Staff for more information.

  • PR Command Staff
    Dir. D. Michael

    Overseeing Administrator

    Sgt. J. Lacasse
    PR Coordinator

    Sgt. N. Scarfo
    Assistant PR Coordinator

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